How To Store Linens Without A Linen Closet

The good news is you can still organize your towels, sheets, and extra bathroom products even without a linen closet. How to store linens without a closet:

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Sort and organize your linens by category.

How to store linens without a linen closet. Simply fold, insert into a matching pillow case and store on a shelf in your linen closet. Not only does it make perfect sense to have a place to store linens in a hallway leading to five bedrooms and a bathroom, but more importantly, without a linen closet, i had been reduced to keeping our extra linens tucked away on the top shelf in our spare room closet, which wasn’t working at all for me. Make use of baskets and bins.

For instance, if you are only storing a vintage quilt in your linen closet for a month or two, it might be best to fluff it up and shake out the fabric outdoors before storing to save it from the stress of laundry. Faqs what is the best way to store linens? Use boxes, bins, and baskets to store and separate your linens.

Pieces of furniture, anything from an old trunk to a bench with storage at the bottom of your bed, can be a good solution. Maximize your linen closet’s storage space. Perhaps the most obvious solution to a lack of closet space is to repurpose an armoire, a small dresser, or some other piece of furniture with drawers or shelves to store linens.

For the most part, linens don’t needed to be accessed daily so even if they have to go on top of a vertical and hard to reach space such as top of your closet, it’s still fine. In this way, how do you store linens without a linen closet? Keep your linen closet fresh.

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Plus it just completes this bathroom space so well. Use boxes, bins, and baskets to store and separate your linens. Life without a linen closet can be a bit of a hassle, but we found some great storage solutions for all those towels, sheets and blankets piling up around your house.

In most modern homes a separate rate closet to store linens is part of the package. Any extra closet space can be converted to linen storage. For some of us, it’s the top of the bedroom closet and for others it’s the guest room closet.

Life without a linen closet. While it’s quite possible that it never had a linen closet in the first place, it’s more likely that someone in the past converted an existing linen closet into a bathroom or absorbed the space to expand the size of another room. I remember when our young family moved into our first “real” house, and i just couldn’t believe how many spaces for storage there were.

This type of toilet paper holder allows you to store extra rolls of toilet paper right where they are easily accessible and you don’t need to worry about stacking them on a shelf or the back of the toilet. Then sort them according to the category. Keep the separated linens in baskets, bins, and boxes.

However, it’s important to store clean bedding. Bathroom organization ideas without a linen closet. A trunk at the end of the bed, or even one that serves.

The goal is simply to put things where they make the most sense and create a system that works for you. This also means you will need to declutter your bathroom supplies, sheets, and towels. It’s classy, sophisticated, and is the perfect storage space for all of our linens even if we don’t have a traditional linen or hall closet.

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Every so often you can come upon a modern home where the builder decided the home owner won't need a closet. What to do with your linens when you don't have a linen closet. How to manage without a linen closet in your home my house, like many older homes doesn’t have a linen closet.

Store sets of sheets in corresponding pillowcases. The beauty of a custom closet design is that your closet space can be precisely configured to provide you with the optimal amount of storage space the closet allows for. In particular i loved the linen closet.

Or where storage is an afterthought and a linen closet wasn't thought about at all. Baskets can help you group like items together and “lined bins conceal cleaning supplies and toilet paper,” says badal. Use discretion on whether your comforters need a full launder before storage.

Check out my post how to organize your linen closet. So, see, it really is possible to organize all of your linens without a closet! No list of linen closet ideas would be complete without a few tips on how to maximize your storage space.

It's not necessary to have a linen closet, however, a place to store extra towels and linens is helpful. Via jennifer holmes of dear lillie. To store the linens in the best way, get rid of all the unnecessary items.

Any extra closet space can be converted to linen storage.

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