Instant Start Ballast Vs Rapid Start

Then when the lamp's cathodes are nice and warm, the voltage increases to light the lamp. When the cathodes are hot enough, the lamp will strike.

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These ballasts have bee designed for use in occupancy switches and are rated higher than traditional rapid start ballasts with 30,000 rapid starts.

Instant start ballast vs rapid start. Simultaneously, a starting voltage (lower than that used in instant start) is also applied to strike the arc. A rapid start ballast works differently from an instant start as it does allow the lamp time to preheat by initially using a low voltage. This type of ballast can be rapid start, instant start, or programmed start methods.

This is the best type for installations where lamps are not turned on and off very often. This means that if one lamp fails, the other lamps in the circuit will remain lit. One plus of rapid start ballasts is they work in a parallel lamp service.

The latter two (with the most current technology) are the most popular. In the event that the led tube does not work with your ballast or if the ballast should ever fail or begin to hum in the future it can then be wired direct to line voltage bypassing the ballast. Programmed lamp/ballast systems offer maximum lamp life in compared to instant and rapid start in frequent starting conditions (up to 50,000 starts).

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Instant start lamps also start reliably at temperatures as low as zero degrees. * most energy efficient solution to fluorescent lamp ballasting. Instead, they send a high amount of voltage across the lamp upon the strike.

With an instant start configuration, a high voltage pulse is used to start the arc between the lamp’s cathodes. Programmed start ballasts provide maximum lamp life in frequent on/off switching conditions. Preheat start, rapid start, instant start, and programmed start.

* instant start ballasts consume less energy than comparable program start ballasts. However, if a lamp is lit once and then lit continuously until it fails, i would imagine instant start ballasts would give. 3.5 volts) to the electrodes for one second prior to lamp ignition.

The programmed start ballast is markedly different from the instant start ballast in that the former applies heat to the cathodes of a lamp to switch it on. They are also one of the charter products of the nema premium ballast program. The filament voltage continues to be applied throughout the operation of the lamp.

Instant start ballast is the most energy efficient type, but gives the least number of starts. Lamp wiring is typically in series. The preheat and rapid start methods heat the lamp’s cathodes before the ballast provides the voltage to start the lamp.

Also unlike the instant start ballast, the programmed start ballast triggers a specific sequence of events to ultimately power on the light. Because an initial current can be quite high, fluorescent ballasts are needed to safely start fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent ballasts have four main types of starting methods:

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These ballasts also optimize the efficiencies expected from t8 lamps. 3.5 volts) to the electrodes for one second prior to lamp ignition. Rapid start (rs) rapid start ballast applies a low filament voltage to preheat the cathodes.

Instant start lamps don’t use a preheating method. This means that if one lamp fails, the other lamps in the circuit will remain lit. Wiring a t12 fluorescent fixture for a t8 energy efficient ballast.

The primary advantage of instant start systems is the energy Electronic ballasts operate relatively quietly, eliminating the flicker common in magnetic ballasts, and are more energy efficient. 3.5 volts) to the electrodes for one second prior to lamp ignition.

Start, programmed rapid start or instant start ballasts. The advanced circuitry allows the led tube to operate on most instant start, rapid start, and program rapid start electronic and magnetic ballasts. From instant start systems compared to systems utilizing a programmed start ballast.

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