Prius Not Starting All Lights On

It is a toyota prius 2011 model. The voltage of the battery on your toyota prius can be measured precisely with a multimeter.

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I have a 03 prius and when i turn it over i get dash lights but no cranking, i replaced the 12 volt battery still no cranking!

Prius not starting all lights on. All warning lights come on. There is a zzz sound when i turn it on. It happened to me more that 6 or 7 times in the last 2 month, that when i try to start the car (it does not matter how long it has been off) some of the lights on the right corner goes.

I have a 2012 prius and it's not starting. I can get it into neutral and park, nothing else. You will need to jump start it, if possible, and then have the battery checked at an autoparts store.

One of the biggest issues that causes a vehicle to crank but not start is ignition issues. The only light that seems a little dim is the digital clock. Worked fine when i got home.

I can get it to start up for about 5 seconds then it shuts off. Doesn't seem like a battery issue if all the lights are on? Open to some help thank!!

Discussion starter · #1 · sep 6, 2007. My 2007 prius wont start. No lights on the 2013 toyota prius dashboard.

If the battery is completely dead, jump starting might help. Hi, i got the red triangle with ! If no lights coming on in the dashboard and no other electrical consumers work, the battery could be completely dead or there is no connection between the battery and the vehicle electrical system.

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All fuses are good and car runs fine. Without the proper amount of fuel getting into the combustion chamber, the prius will crank, but not start. Otherwise, get it tightened from a car repair.

I couldn't start my car this morning. Check if the battery terminals look tight. This is probably the 4th time this has happened, but when i first get into the car this morning, and try to start it (firmly pressed brakes down, waited a second, and pressed the start button), all of the prius electronics would fire up but the ready sign would not turn on.

And the power steering light comes on. And all warning lights lit up like christmas lights while hitting 55 on the hwy. When i turned on the start button, these lights were on, but i couldn't start the engine.

Open the car hood and check the tension of the timing belt. Although the 12v auxiliary battery in prius is not responsible for starting the engine, but it keeps all the electrical system running while your car is parked. Check if the battery terminals look tight.

2007 prius all warning lights on but not going into ready mode. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Which in turn may lead to a no starting problem.

If it's old and cracked at places, it's best to get it replaced. 2007 prius no power at all, no lights, won't start, no radio, no power at all no lights won't start no radio etc. Lights won't come on , power locks won't work, power windows won't work, radio won't work.

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If no lights coming on in the dashboard and no other electrical consumers work, the battery could be completely dead or there is no connection between the battery and the vehicle electrical system. My asb light comes on when starting and stays on. If the battery is completely dead, jump starting might help.

All the lights on the dash board come on when key is inserted, including check engine lights and the parking brake light (even though parking brake is off). While there are a variety of reasons your toyota prius won't start, the most common 3 are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter. Before i could find a place to safely park, rapidly it lost power and it come to a halt.

Call aaa, they will charge the battery (about 30 minutes to charge. If you’re trying to start your prius and the lights on the dashboard come on, but they’re dim and flashing, you may be having trouble with your 12v battery. View 13 replies similar messages:

When it runs the steering seems fine no issues then it just powers down. Anyone having this kind of problem or find a solution please share. 2005 prius in middle of road, was cleaning off snow.

When first touched brake and power button lights on dash of all symbols came on. No lights on the 2012 toyota prius dashboard. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of toyota prius based on all problems reported for the prius.

Toyota prius owners have reported 23 problems related to car will not start (under the electrical system category). Also i got the add fuel warning message on the screen while attempting to restart it. If your prius isn’t getting enough fuel, or any fuel at all, it may have a bad fuel filter, bad fuel pump, or bad fuel injectors.

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